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The Sexual Assault Centre Kingston seeks to support survivors in different stages of their trauma and healing journey. We offer individual counselling for those of all genders and identities 12+, who have experienced recent and/or historic sexual violence in Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington.  Our counsellors are experienced in trauma-informed care with a specialty in working with those who have experienced sexual violence.  We also offer groups throughout the year, at no cost.

Our team of counsellors consist of trained professionals (MSW, M.A Counselling, and SSW). 

The Process


At your initial appointment you will see an intake counsellor who will gather some information from you and go over some information about counselling.  They will go over our counselling program and with you decide on the best fit.   We know that making that first step in acknowledging you need counselling can be terrifying,  so please let us know if you will not be able to make your intake appointment, so that we can offer your spot to another survivor.  We will still be here when you are ready. To book an initial intake please contact us.

During the intake process, survivors are asked which stream best suits their needs at this time. These streams are: Skills & Support or Reflect & Connect. As a result you will be put into a program that is specific to your counselling needs and how we can best support you in your healing journey.

We aim to assist anyone who walks through our doors, with or without an appointment.  However, please note that for walk-ins we may not be able to see you for an intake right away – depending on counsellors schedules.  If this happens we will assist you in making an appointment and help you anyway we can.

To set up an intake appointment, please contact: 

Our Program

Our counselling program is divided into two streams:  Skills & Support, Reflect & Connect

Skills & Support

  • For? Those new to counselling, this stream focuses on creating safety and stability.

  • General duration of services? Up to 10 sessions.

  • In this stream survivors learn about trauma responses and coping skills.

  • Survivors can focus on a particular issue such as anxiety flashbacks, sleep challenges, etc.

  • This stream is focused and change oriented. Survivors will address present day experiences. 

Reflect & Connect

  • For? Survivors who have previous counselling experiences and developed coping skills.

  • General duration of services? On average 6 months.

  • In this stream survivors will build a deeper awareness of themselves.

  • Survivors can focus on understanding their experiences and exploring patterns of thinking and feeling.

  • This stream is exploratory. Survivors will transform stories and beliefs that they have about themselves and the world.

Modes of Counselling

Individual Counselling (In-Person)

We offer free, confidential and non-judgmental 1:1 counselling to ALL survivors of sexualized violence, regardless of gender and identity. Our counsellors work within a client-centered,  trauma informed framework, to provide compassionate support on your healing journey.

We work with each individual clients using different counselling modalities and techniques such as, CBT, DBT, mindfulness and narrative therapy all within a feminist based practice, tailored to each individual.   We believe you are your own expert and know that healing looks different for every survivor.  We will work with you to address the counselling goals you identify as being most important. 

E-Counselling (Distance Counselling)

We offer online counselling for those who wish to use that service. SAC Kingston uses OnCall Health to provide  secure and convenient alternatives to in person sessions. If you think this would be a better fit for you, please contact your counsellor directly.

Group Counselling

Throughout the year we offer groups at no cost,  open to all survivors. Please note that some groups may be open to current clients only, child minding may also be available. Additional group topics, such as Empowerment, Addictions and Trauma, and Mindfulness may take place throughout the year. Contact us for group schedules.

Please note that priority for groups will be given to SAC Kingston clients, after which if there are still spaces still available they will be opened up to non-clients.

For more information about upcoming groups and registration or if you would like to receive occasional emails about groups, please contact:


Coordinator of Counselling Services

Currently we offer the following groups:

Adult Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse Group

  • For? Adult survivors that wish to better understand the effects of childhood sexual abuse, examine dysfunctional family dynamics, as well as connect with other survivors in a safe, confidential environment.

  • Length of group? 8 weeks.

  • About the group: This trauma-informed group helps survivors understand the impact childhood sexual abuse has had on their lives, this intensive group also explores the principles of healing and offers guidance on how to begin moving towards a place of self-love and self-compassion.

Managing Powerful Emotions (MPE)

  • For? Those looking to better tolerate and regulate their emotions.

  • Length of group? 12 weeks.

  • About the group: This skills training group is designed to help you identify and label your emotions, understand the purpose of your emotions, recognize what activates and intensifies your emotions and understand the relationship between emotions and behaviour.

CONNECTIONS: Shame Resilience Group

  • For? Those in a place of relative safety and stability and feel emotionally ready to begin exploring and unpacking the difficult topic of shame in a group setting. For those at any stage of their healing journey.

  • Length of group? 12 weeks.

  • About the group: This group is based on the work of Brené Brown and topics include defining shame, practicing empathy, exploring triggers and vulnerabilities, practicing critical awareness, reaching out to others and creating, embracing and inspiring change.

Prenatal Support Group

  • For? Pregnant Survivors of sexual abuse and trauma.

  • Length of group? 6 weeks.

  • About the group: A free supportive and educational group for pregnant survivors of trauma. Childminding may be available.

Living with Chronic Pain Group

  • For? Individuals who are experiencing a wide range of chronic pain conditions.

  • Length of group? 6 weeks, 2.5 hours, once a week.

  • About the group: This skills-based group (funded by the LHIN) will give participants information and practical tools to help develop self-management skills, giving them the confidence and motivation they need to better manage their symptoms, challenges, and the day-to-day tasks of living with chronic pain.

Male Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

  • For? Male identified survivors of childhood sexual violence. This group is aimed at Reflect and Connect clients at SACK. 

  • Length of group? 8 weeks, 2 hours, once a week.

  • About the group: This group aims to understanding the impacts of childhood sexual abuse on adult  survivors. Participants will learn about trauma responses, coping skills, and creating new patterns in their lives.

Indigenous-Centric Healing

We are pleased to offer an Indigenous Counsellor who provides counselling within an indigenous framework and is open to all who self-identify as an indigenous survivor of sexualized violence, regardless of status.

Our Indigenous Counsellor also runs our Healing and Sharing Circle, other various groups and drop-in sessions throughout the year.  The Indigenous Program can also provide specific training and workshops on various topics such as Abuse & The Impact of the Residential School System.

To set up an appointment with our Indigenous Counsellor please specify at any point prior to or during your initial intake.

Currently the Indigenous Counselling Program offers the following groups:

Balancing Our Elements

  • For? Self-identified Indigenous survivors of sexual violence. This group is open to both Skills and Support and Reflect and Connect clients.

  • Length of group? 6 weeks, 2 hours, once a week.

  • About the groupIn this group participants will learn about Medicine Wheel Teachings and how to use the Four Directions in restoring balance to our lives. Topics include:

    • Gifts of the North, Connecting with Our Breath     ​

    • Gifts of the East, Nurturing Our Inner Flame

    • Gifts of the South, Connecting with the Water  

    • Gifts of the West, Grounding with the Earth    

Seven Grandfather Storytelling

  • For? Self-identified Indigenous survivors of sexual violence. This group is aimed at Reflect and Connect clients at SACK.

  • Length of group? 8 weeks, 2 hours, once a week.

  • About the group: In this group participants will learn about the Seven Grandfather Teachings and explore ways to use those Teachings to shift their own narratives of trauma. Participants will have the opportunity to re-write their own stories using Teachings of Wisdom, Respect, Truth, Humility, Honesty, Courage, and Love. Topics covered will include fight/flight/freeze responses, challenging shame, trusting our memories, gratitude and healing, radical acceptance, acts of resistance, and self-compassion.

Services en Français

Nous offrons des services de soutien gratuits et confidentiels aux personnes ayant subi des actes de violence à caractère sexuel dans les comtés de Frontenac, Lennox et Addington.  Nous collaborons avec des partenaires communautaires pour favoriser le changement et prendre des mesures visant à faire cesser la violence sexuelle.

Youth Services

SAC Kingston offers specialised counselling services for high school youth aged 12-19 years. When youth clients access our services for the first time, they receive priority access to our Skills and Support counselling program. This program provides youth with up to ten counselling sessions which focus on understanding trauma responses and the impact of sexual violence, as well as learning skills that will increase their capacity to cope with distress. Youth are able to attend their sessions at our centre, or have their counsellor travel to students at rural high schools within KFL&A.


To set up an intake appointment, please contact: 

Intake Counsellor

613-545-0762 ext. 106

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Community 

SAC Kingston offers priority access to our Skills and Support program for CAF members, the broader CAF community, and civilians that are employed by CAF or Department of National Defence (DND), who have been impacted by sexual violence. Everything you share with us remains entirely confidential to SAC Kingston.