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Hide Your Visit

Concerned about someone finding out where you’ve been on the internet?

Here's how to reduce the chances that your internet activities will be traced.

Browsers like Chrome and Firefox are designed to leave traces behind that indicate where you’ve been and what you’ve been looking at on the Internet, on your phone and on your tablet or computer.  It’s hard to absolutely guarantee that your activity on the Internet can’t be traced at all, but here are some simple things you can do to reduce the chances that someone looking through your device will find out what you’ve been reading.

In general, you want to erase two things:

  • Your Cache (this is where the computer stores copies of files you’ve recently looked at with your web browser)

  • Your History List (this is a single file containing the addresses of the places you’ve recently visited)

Click here to learn how to hide your visit for specific web browsers.

Source: Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centers

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